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Favorite Story

Favorite Story was a drama anthology series aired from September 1947 through December of 1949 on KFI, LA. The show was hosted by the British-born Hollywood actor Ronald Colman who also starred William Todhunter Hall in The Halls of Ivy. An excellent dramatic series of timeless stories from classic literature (novel & short stories), the series grew from a local radio station to become a nationally syndicated show. Writers Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee were highly praised for bringing great American and English literature to the radio.

This radio collection features great stories such as, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, Arabian Nights, Alice In Wonderland, and Moby Dick.

There are 58 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Importance Of Being Ernest December 27, 1947
Cyrano DeBergerac October 18, 1947
David Copperfield October 25, 1947
Diamond Lens September 20, 1947
Arabian Nights November 15, 1947
Frankenstein December 13, 1947
Queen Of Spades November 1, 1947
Huckleberry Finn November 8, 1947
Little Women September 27, 1947
Rapaccini's Daughter February 7, 1948
Mary, Queen Of Scots May 8, 1948
Necklace July 3, 1948
Tom Sawyer June 19, 1948
Man Without A Country May 1, 1948
Lodging For The Night January 24, 1948
Great Expectations February 21, 1948
Lost Horizon July 24, 1948
Light That Failed April 24, 1948
Doctor Heidegger's Experiment May 15, 1948
Pride And Prejudice August 14, 1948
Phantom Rickshaw February 28, 1948
Alice In Wonderland January 31, 1948
Strange Mister Bartlesby July 17, 1948
Peter Ibbetson June 26, 1948
Ben Hur September 4, 1948

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